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by Bruce BecVar & Lani Star

Mystic Love is a collaboration between guitarist composer producer Bruce BecVar and vocalist flautist co-producer Lani Lalita Star. From high spirited melodic heartfelt guitar to sublime enchanting vocals, Mystic Love delves deep into the land of lush timeless melodies, solid mystic rhythms and magical haunting vocals that transports you to a garden of musical delight!

The cast of supporting musicians includes some of the most sparkling players on the exuberant west coast music scene like Michael Ruff, Freddie Ravel, Brian BecVar, Peter Kater and Doug Cameron. Bruce contributes acoustic steel and flamenco guitars, vocals, bass, recorder flute and percussion and Lani delivers lush vocal arrangements and stellar flute.
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Bruce and Brian BecVar, well-known for their beguiling melodies and virtuoso performance, have steadily progressed along the path of healing through music. It was a natural step for Dr. Deepak Chopra, best-selling author of such books as Ageless Body Timeless Mind, Perfect Health, and The Return of Merlin, to select the BecVars to create dosha-balancing music to enhance his Quantum Healing work. Bruce and  Brian BecVar developed The Magic of Healing Music series with the cooperation of Dr. Chopra and Dr. David Simon, Medical Director of the Center for Mind-Body Health in San Diego.
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Magic Healing of Music

Perfect Health Zone

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Mystic Love CD Sampler

“An enormously gifted multi-instrumentalist and composer, BecVar has an uncanny ability to bring forth exquisite gems of musical genius. These tenderhearted jewels are profundly soothing and healing gifts straight from BecVar's heart to ours.”

~ New Age Retailer

“Bruce, your music has inspired me beyond words. Only my paint brush can adequately express the beauty of your most uplifting, heartfelt, stimulating and in one possible word, 'heavenly!' creation...”

~ Sylva S.

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