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“Daniel Levi has helped us negotiate the purchase of many top level domains. He is professional, efficient and someone I will count on when dealing with important domains.

Buying domains is like nothing else. Valuations are highly speculative and sellers can get very emotional when offered amounts that differ from the listed price. I believe that using a broker provides a buffer zone, emotions-free transaction, and helps put some common sense in both seller and buyer.”

Daniel C.

SkilledCrew.com / D7.com

“At COBA International we spent some time internally deliberating on whether or not we would invest in a specialized domain name that reflected our products made in group.  We gave reason for Daniel to be frustrated by our approach to this but I have to say throughout he was truly professional in all his dealings with us.  Not pushy, but active, not aggressive but reactive and throughout the whole process, very sharp and accurate.  Thanks to you Daniel, we are very thankful for the support you have given us.” 

Mark Cooke

CEO, Coba.com

How We Help

Would you buy a house without a real estate agent? Of course not. A good domain broker helps you make smart decisions and keeps you safe.

Having trouble contacting the domain owner? We will track them down.

No idea what your ideal domain should cost? Talk to someone who knows today’s domain market.

Unsure how to protect your brand online now that there are 1000+ domain endings? Let us advise you.

These are our areas of expertise. Contact us today and we’d be happy to help!

About The Founder

My name is Daniel Levi. I’m the founder of ShiningStar.com, a domain brokerage service based in Los Angeles.

I have a proven track record. In 2015, I began working as a domain broker at Flippa.com, an online marketplace that has transacted over $150 million in sales. While there, I facilitated numerous purchases of premium domains totalling in the 6 figures.

Over the years, I have helped buyers acquire 400+ domain names including: Bricks.com, Cloud.io, BetterCredit.com, RPZ.com, PirateShip.com, JiuJitsu.com, Occurrence.com, TrueAppraisal.com, ZGN.com, InABox.com, MarijuanaJobs.com, FinancialConsulting.com, Stockholm.org,  Matting.com, and many more.

People don’t think twice about hiring a real estate agent when buying a home. Well, the same applies to domain names. As your broker, I help negotiate with the seller, avoid common pitfalls, and ensure your payment and domain transfer is a smooth process.

Unlike most brokers, I also invest in domain names myself. I have sold many domains, and I have purchased some valuable domains of my own. That gives me a unique perspective regarding how domain sellers think. And this helps find the best way to approach them. Domains? I live this stuff! Every day.


In their own words: 35 business owners discuss the importance of their domains.

Paul Graham (Co-Founder of Y Combinator): “If you have a US startup called X and you don’t have x.com, you should probably change your name. 100% of the top 20 YC companies by valuation have the .com of their name. 94% of the top 50 do. The problem with not having the .com of your name is that it signals weakness.”

Advertise Smarter not Harder with a Stellar Domain Name

Whether you’re paying for an ad campaign or banking on free word-of-mouth growth, make sure the domain name is streamlined like an arrow. Then you can cover maximum distance with minimal force.

Why Do Companies Pay So Much For Domains?

We judge others by their appearance before we study their credentials. And that’s equally true online. A high quality domain name helps make a great first impression to consumers.

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