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In their own words: business owners discuss the importance of their premium domain names. 


“The name has opened up a lot of doors. It has opened up a lot of conversations, talking to people, where they might not normally give you the time of day, but really and truly, because you own such a key generic name, for those players that are in the space, it gives you instant credibility.”


“It’s been quite a wild ride. Since acquiring the name in 2006, our business have been transformed. First, the organization is perceived to be an authoritative website. At conferences, people often ask how we got the name and I share the story. This alone has created some positive word-of-mouth for us.”  

“I also believe that a good name give prospective customers the confidence to do business with us because they feel we are *the* company to work with.”


“ABCSearch is a trusted brand in the search industry, but many advertisers haven’t heard of us. This gives us more credibility and includes all of the digital media technologies we now offer.” 


“We really wanted a name that established instant credibility with customers….which is how we got to Cubicle.com.”

“Owning the keyword name Cubicle.com has definitely positively impacted the business! The largest benefit has been that it provides the business with instant credibility. Customers are often weary of making large-ticket purchases online, so having the Cubicle.com domain name provides them with a higher level of comfort and trust, which leads to a higher rate of conversion.” 


“I think the biggest factor about having a domain like that, alongside all the other benefits -it’s memorable, it’s easy to spell and so on – is the fact that it lets us punch above our weight. So if we’re looking to sponsor something, or if we’re looking to work with another company, or even from the customer’s point of view, having a domain like Wish.co.uk adds a lot of legitimacy to the brand that we wouldn’t have if we had a relatively generic brand name.”


“McGowan says the benefits of the new name have been multi-tiered, but the number one change has been people’s perception of the business.” 

“There is a natural assumption the biggest, oldest companies have the premium generic domain names,” he says.

“In terms of the domain name investment, the name paid itself back within four months.”

“People assume it’s the biggest and the best car loans business now”

“A lot of our inquiries are driven through AdWords, but we’re now getting the same number of leads for much less. Our click-through rate went up and our conversion rate alone has increased by 30%.” 

“We’ve also noticed when the sales consultants are talking to the customers our name now is now seen as the authority in car loans because of its natural association with CarSales. Our settlements and conversion rates from us speaking to customers increase, customers would give us more information from the outset and they’d speak to us on the phone for longer.”

“When you can, you should invest in the best possible name and spend the most money that you can afford. Relating it back to the retail world, think about it like a store location. Having a premium domain name is the equivalent of buying the best house on the best street with the best foot traffic.” 


“In our meetings, the phrase ‘We understand your brand name’ was mentioned to us many times. It is doubtful we could have secured not only the meetings, but the attention and interest we experienced if we had hit the market with anything but the FrenchRiviera.com label.”


“According to the founders, the response so far to the new name has been fantastic. They have no buyer’s remorse. Scientists emailed them to congratulate them on the rebrand and confess that they felt better about the company with the easier to pronounce name. The founders discovered that journalists appear to take them more seriously as well.” 


“From that experience, I understood the value of a premium domain is huge, particularly in the early stages when you’re hustling to gain credibility. At HealthCare.com, we were able to get meetings early in our company history which led to substantial business development deals with large companies such as AOL Health, Drugstore.com and Everyday Health. Also, when you made customer calls, I can’t quantify it but the phone calls returned and emails opened is going to be higher. From an online marketing standpoint, a premium domain will help your paid search click-through rates, which yields a positive impact on quality scores on both the Google Adwords and BingAds SEM platforms.” 


“I want the best name possible as a starting point and then create my brand from there. With a domain name like Tenants.com, you have immediate authority"


“Without question, the domain name opened many doors and opportunities for our company.” 


“No denying that owning this domain gives us some weight and respectability.”


“Owning the domain name Cookies.com has had a significant impact on our business. Not only does it have high brand recall, but it also adds a lot of credibility to the story when working out deals with partners and suppliers. Customers trust the brand and that helps to convert shoppers into customers. A lot of people are delighted by the name.”


“The Headsets.com domain has been the smartest thing we ever did, I think. It gives us credibility as a market leader”


“When you think about, when you were talking about PalmSprings.com – the kind of revenue that it does make – you know day after day, week after week, year after year that revenue comes in. And I truly believe it is because the trust factor that people place in a name. I mean if you are going to go to Ford – Ford.com, Mattel – Mattel.com, Palm Springs – PalmSprings.com, Nashville – Nashville.com, it just has that trustability. And when you go to a grocery store and you see the shelves are piled with 25, 30, 50 different cereals brands and more than likely I mean you are going to look at a brand you have seen on TV, something you trust. And in a lot of ways that is really what we get inherently in those domain names – is that trust factor.”